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Hikaru is in town!

Look through all the pictures ahlost blogged. OMG… i missed Hikaru n BenBen suddenly. The week hikaru came to Kuching is indeed a blast for all of us. Who doesnt have fun? i think we have too much fun that i we are not able to detox like.. for even one day. u know wad […]

Poolside Party!

Poolside party is always fun…! Last weekend.. we had a poolside potluck with the LUF group.. hmmm! i think potluck is better coz last time we have it BBQ potluck style and ended up we have tonnes of leftovers.. There are around 20 of us.. some came early some came later a bit.. but still.. […]


Ben Ben is leaving to Aussie Today.. hmmm.. i shud say.. NOW.. 15 minutes and he will be off to Aussie.. BenBen.. Come back soon… and roll eyes for us k!! We’ll miss u a lot neh.. Especially the Guys.. YES.. the GUYS!

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