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Rooney’s Farewell

We gonnna missed Roooney a lot a lot a lot! He is now back to his hometown Penang and somehow.. i just feel something is missing everytime we r having our combat class. hahahahaha! We planned a Farewell Dinner with him last Friday at Silhouette.. Some of us went earlier for the dinner while some […]

Silhoutte Ladies Night!

Still the same thing.. went to gym almost everyday bcoz of my not-so-sucessful-diet-plan..~ But yesterday we all decided to go to silhoutte after gym~ Every Wednesday is ladies night for Silhoutte.. means.. free flow of drinks for ladies!! ^^ i love the ambience.. and if u go early like 8pm to 10pm.. the place is […]

His 25th BirthdaySSSS

As what Ahlost has expected, the super long post is here! HohoHoho! Beware!! it may took forever to load! T.T His 25th Birthdays… Full of surprises hor.. my head also finish cracking liao! *huhuhuhu* 1.) Celebration with his Secondary School ClassMates! 1…2… 1..2..3..4..5.. correct correct.. 25 yrs old liao~ At our favourite chinese restaurant.. *Hoi […]

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