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i’M 23!! (Part 5) @ The Junk

Here i ammmmm!! Manage to select 81 pictures to post here. Others u may have to refer to facebook. *kekeke* It was a mind-blowing birthday party for me! It was a blast! I love u all.. To bao bao who plan this.. the supporting darlings, Annna, Ahlost, Gladys, Gordon and Johnston.. They woke up 7am […]

i’M 23!! (Part 4) @ Kim Bay

My birthday is a Holiday! hahahaha! Wake up at 11sth. oH.. so nice~~ Went to bath and when i go back to my room.. another 5 person is in my room!!! They actually deal with my parents and sneak into my room for surprises.. Of coz.. in such a short period of time.. i din […]

Sofa Paradise!

Its like some datos talking some big business! HAHAHAHA! Transparent toilet! *wooohooooo*~ I feel like i m in the zooo.. neh.. u know.. the one where penguins normally kept. the icing transparent area! but this is the monkeys’ version! hoho! My favourite Sofa goes to… *DANG!!!!*

San Francisco | Our 1st Anniversary ^^

We had our first anni dinner at San Francisco Restaurant.. Its my first time there and i m totally pleased with the food and environment!! Super recommended! HAHA! Its located beside Lok Lok.. i m sure everyone in Kuching will know where is Lok Lok btw! HIM.. super busy taking pichas! Wuakakakaka! and me.. super […]

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