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KL trip

Yup. I just came back from a 4 days 3 nights KL trip with lao mao and pik qii.. Yes.. i know i have been going to KL for so many times this year. Huhhuhu! And.. the tix were booked last year! We plan to go for a shopping spree actually but it ended up […]

Marry Brown

First of all… Happie 26th Burday to Paul Paul!!! *age for guys doesnt matters right? teehehe* SOBX that i couldnt attend the BBQ tonight as i am heading to KL later… sobx!!!!!!! Oh.. back to my marry brown. I went to Marry Brown for dinner just now with dar. tehehe!! He is such a Marry […]

Beer VS Mi

This post is just a very RANDOM post to clarify Mr.Clement’s doubts about my two new bears in the family!!! To Clement: Beer Beer and MiMi are different bears hor! U see u see.. they don look alike also leh! And.. Happie 200th post for my bloggie!! *teehehe* Its precious and irreplaceable.. just like her! […]


His Friends call him Zhen Hang. My Friends call him Steve. His family call him Hang Hang. My family call him Steve. His Gang call him Hang. My Gang call him Mr.Tan. He call me Dear. I call him Dar. YUp.. He is mine! =) He had a very good temper.. so much better than […]

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