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St Kilda

Day 2 is simple.. lunch, went to st kilda and went to dinner.. Simple.. but fulfilling =) Just before i go down to city.. had a super quick chat with my dar.. he tell me: ” ah dear ah.. melbourne must try the very famous pho o.. its a vietnamese soup noodles..ask ur friend and […]

Melbourne Day 1

In this very afternoon.. i wake up at 1pm melbourne time.. hehe! i know its time for lunch. For the very first time, i go down to city and i had my first meal at Don Don.. a very fine japanese restaurant. *oops.. forgot to take picture of the shop name* I had this raw […]

From KL to Melbourne

Day 2 at KL.. my brother was working and so i have nothing to do but to hang out alone at MidValley.. Coz midvalley is big enuf to lepak for the whole day ma. keke!! Bought a book from MPH.. GOSH!! i nidda salute to those who had lotsa BOOKS at home.. BOOKS are expensive […]

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