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Guangzhou Food & Travel : The very “meh” New Year Count Down at Canton Tower, Shangxiajiu Street 广州上下九街。广州塔:小蛮腰。

Another post on Guangzhou. Its gonna be a short one because I only spend around 4 days in Guangzhou. Not the overwhelming best experience but definitely a memorable and happy one. First check in China, Guangzhou, I am very happy with that! You make it love China. Tried to cover most of the specialty food […]

What to eat in Guangzhou?

What to eat in Guangzhou? I have no idea too at first.. search in openrice but it just seems too many things to eat and the foodie places are all scattered around. So basically I just explore the place myself.. observed what locals normally eat, make a few guangzhou friends and figured out what are […]

5 Must go places in Guangzhou

I never been to China. Not even once. So when I was told to visit Guangzhou last week, I was overjoyed but I am totally blank too. Have no idea at all where to go. I bet theres people like me too, been searching google and blogs but very very little information about Guangzhou.. So […]