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The Best Omurice in Japan! -Kichi Kichi Kyoto-

YES!!! I’ve finally tried that!!! After years and years watching YouTube videos about this legendary omurice, I finally set my foot here! And I guaranteed you there is no regrets trying this, and its definitely the BEST omurice I’ve ever had in my life! Located at one of the small alley at Gion area, Kichi […]

The beautiful Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kyoto!

The top list for Kyoto sight seeing. To be honest, it is not as magnificent as those you see in Google. However, being able to just soak in the bamboo grove far away from the many days of exploring the city, it feels good. One important tip, not the whole route is as beautiful, there’s […]

Kyoto : What to eat at Nishiki Market?

Today is 29th February 2016.. Happy Leap Year? HEHE #oncein4years We love market, we like to explore all kinds of market, not only you get good food in the market, most of the time, you can get local souvenirs or even snacks with a better price! In Kyoto, we decided to give Nishiki Market a […]

A day in Kobe, Hyogo Perfecture

It was the third day in Japan and we’ve already planned to go Kobe for day trip. It was quite easy to go to Kobe from Osaka, if you took JR west with rapid train, it took you less than half an hour. We arrived at the Sannomiya Station in Kobe, the busiest train station […]

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