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Penang (Day 5&6) -Final-

HAHA! ok! this post is gonna be my last post on Penang.. too many Penang very sien can? hehe! Same thing we did everyday.. went for breakfast. A normal coffee shop near our hotel and its opposite 78 cafe. Before that! CAMHO!!!!!!  They say the Chay Kuey Tiao there was nice..but i still prefer 78 […]

Penang (Day 4)

Ok.. i m not feeling well right after i get back from penang.. *haih* and soon i m getting lazier and lazier to post everything.. so make it SHORT. =.=” Day 4 of Penang is all gonna be visiting visiting and visiting.. and here u can see i m getting tanner everyday hor.. haih! sobx! […]

Penang (Day 3)

Third day of mine in Penang.. well.. today doesnt really have much to do.. so all we do is to spend our time walking around carving for food. I woke up darn early today intended to go for a swimming and sauna which they “claimed” to be opened at 7am but then when i called, […]

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