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Penang (Day 2)

It has been long since i wake up so so so early today!! 9am sth can? haih!!! went for breakfast nearby.. And of coz.. i tried out the everyone-recommended-CHAY KUEY TIAO.. and indeed, it taste great!! Also, the penang famous LOH MEE.. and the Bao.. haha! I tell u.. I love the bao! The Chay […]

Penang (Day 1)

Ok.. Vogue delayed and here come all the penang post sinnn.. =) I went to airport at roughly 7pm sth..Waiting for the flight at 8.15pm so.. camwhore! hahaa!!! We reached penang by 10.40pm! wow!! damn long can? hehe! nvm nvm.. Our hotel is still consider pleasant.. nice beautiful.. clean.. friendly ppl.. BUT Wifi is not […]

Goin over to Penang

Next week will be my mid term break so i’ll be having a family trip to Penang. Yup. I will be going over tomolo.. 19 September, evening flight. =) Hmm.. i duno anything about Penang so if u noe any special place or special food. PLEASE leave a comment and tell me!! i will be […]

KL : One more day!

One more day and i got to go back to Kuching.. We wake up early in the morning.. Oh ya.. forgot to show the place we stay.. its wonderful i can say.. too bad we din bring our swimming suit thats y cant swim down there.. how sad! how pathetic!! *sobx* Anyway.. its monday so […]

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