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Keelung MiaoKou Night Market 基隆庙口夜市

One of the very famous night market in Taiwan. The Keelung Miaokou Night Market. Miaokou means temple in mandarin. So basically the night market is named so because its located around the temple in Keelung.  Keelung is just an hour drive from Taipei. I dint spend a lot of time in Keelung, we engaged a […]

TaiChung : CingJing Farm 清境农场

I might look different in this post because this trip was last year around October 2014. YES, I change my make up style and contact lens every year so I basically look slightly different every year. Hahahaha! After this post, I will be updating my 2015 September trip to Taiwan. Stay tune for my different […]

Taichung : Feng Jia Night Market 台中逢甲夜市

Night markets have become one of the most powerful tourist attraction in Taiwan. There are more than hundreds of night markets throughout the whole Taiwan. Be it big or small, they are equally popular. One of the largest and busiest night market will be Feng Jia Night Market in Taichung. Why largest? Its literally like […]

淡水必吃 : What to eat in Tamsui?

Tamsui (淡水)is a sea-side district in New Taipei City. It is named after the Tamsui River which means “Fresh water” in mandarin. Tamsui has been a very popular tourist attraction in Taipei City.. especially the Tamsui Old Street(淡水老街), Fisherman’s Wharf(淡水渔人码头) and The lovers Bridge(情人桥). Three main attractions in Tamsui. So now, how to go to […]

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