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TaiChung : Sun Moon Lake 台中日月潭

It was a very random decision to visit the Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)in TaiChung. Initially it was not in the plan because we opt to rest on the first day of arrival. After the satisfying lunch we had at Big Juicy Goose (阿秋大肥鹅), the taxi driver suggested we should go to Sun Moon Lake as […]

Hello TaiChung!

After 2 awesome days in Hualien, we packed and say goodbye to our comfortable crib. Byebye Hualien from our 10th floor apartment…. Hualien has been treating us very good. Good food, good people and peaceful town… and now, we will embark to our next destination! TaiChung. We chose to fly to Taichung instead of using […]

Taroko National Park 太鲁阁国家公园

哇哈哈。。这篇词穷所以不翻了。小休一下。呵呵 We went to Taroko National Park (太鲁阁国家公园)finally. Had been quite reluctant to go since it sounds like a very touristy place but since we were in Hualien, needless to think much, lets go! We hired a taxi to bring us around.. She is such a wonderful lady.. If you guys need her contact, do […]

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