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Bangkok : Day 2

Bangkok (2.3.2012) – Second Day. As promised, i’ve decided to pamper myself throughout this very short weekend bangkok trip. Woke up damn early on the second day and check in to my new stay — Aetas Hotel. Which is so much better as compared to the comfortable little room for the first night.  The hotel […]

Bangkok : Day 1

Bangkok (1.3.2012) – Hahaha! Yup. it has been helllong ago… Was an extremely busy year in 2012 so this particular bangkok trip post was totally neglected until today 🙂 Reach Bangkok in the afternoon time. Predicted to be able to get out from the aiport in less than one hour time including picking up my […]

Phuket : Wat Chalong + Patong Beach

LALALA!! Prepared for the 42 pics loading! wualalala.. Clement complain i have too many pics and it takes forever to load.. Tim tim complain my header is super slow to load.. HUUHUHUHUHUHU! *SOBX* its true oso nah.. am finding solution ma.. *teehehe* Be Patient a bit nah.. *pats pats* Here comes my postponed post on […]

Phuket : Phi Phi Island

One of the most visited Island in Phuket is Phi Phi ISland.. And one of the most eye-opened incident is that.. Dar, Mei Xin, Vinly and I.. we spotted two dolphins at the middle of the sea and keep jumping and swimming across our cruise.. its my first time seeing dolphins in an open sea..! […]

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