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Ahyien is loaded with papers!

Oh.. starting from this week.. i will be really really really super super and super busy liao. haih!! Only the second week i started my sch and papers and assignments keep rushing for me.. sobx!! Just like wad april say.. 24 hours is definitely not enuf!!! arrrrghhhhhhhhhh!!!! *pening* What shud i dO? shud i do […]

SwinBurne Bloggers 1st Meet-up

Yup.. today is actually the swinburne bloggers first meet up.. The purpose of the meet-ups is to unite all the swinburne bloggers.. Of coz.. we have the Mr. Rodney and Ngee Kiong as the blog advisors.. Saad and Me for the admin part and Ember for the theme designing part. haha! The meet-up for today […]

Happie Convocation, Chris!

Wah!! i m super li hai.. update like 4 posts today!! haha! bo pian la.. recently lazy and no much effort writing lo.. ANyway!! yesterday was my cousin’s convocation!! HAPPIE CONVO CHRIS!! =)


Sch just started and here comes my very busy days.. haih.. i m having my final semester this sem.. and guess what.. i am taking 5 subject hor.. heavy ones.. I believed i will soon loaded with assignments… arrrghh!! so busy.. so miserable.. haih.. these days werent good for me. I am devastated. I m […]

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