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Me result! *happie*

Actually i knew my result few days back but i waited for the result slip to make it better looking. haha! Yes.. I was at Hilton during the result published and thankie to dearest Leonard for calling me and surprised me with that.. After i knew the result is published.. hoho! make me nervous the […]

Boring-kinda Workshop @ Hilton

Yes.. i attended a workshop at Hilton this morning.. its organized by MidA.. some government things related to investment and how to make your company productive something like that.. From SwinBurne, Its only me with another four beloved lecturers.. Nick the angmoh.. Miss Janice my dearest and closest.. Mdm Callie Lau my last time O&M […]

KL : Convo

Its Sunday! yesh! TARC convo is on Sunday.. weird rite? he he! but good oso la.. coz more people are free during sunday ma.. ^^ And of coz.. wake up super early that day.. i was actually having a very nice sleep but too bad have to wake up early as ahlun have to reach […]

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