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Ambrose & Connie’s Wedding

After 8 yr plus of being together.. they finally decided to upgrade their status! *hiak hiak* Congrats Ambrose & Connie!!! I still remember 10 yrs ago when they are still in the youth fellowship. Ambrose is the president and Connie is our vice president.. Years later.. they get together.. after we all left youth fellowship.. they […]

Florence’s Wedding!

Its me Cousin’s Wedding!! When there’s a wedding.. you can happily see most of your aunties uncles, grandma, cousins coming to kuching one by one just for the wedding.. From the nearest, Sarikei, Sibu, KK, Limbang, Lawas, Miri.. to KL, New Zealand, England.. People from everywhere.. Most of them reunited! *nyek nyek* There’s only My […]

Manson’s Wedding

What can you think of when you see a bouquet of pretty flowers like this?! Woots.. it was Manson’s Wedding last year end… keke! i know its kinda an outdated post but… Nvm lah!! Still Congrats to them!! =) The Couple’s mobile.. well.. their family did some modification so it looks better like this! before […]