18 hours in Singapore

18 hours in Singapore!! Yes. 18 hours mission in Singapore just for her proposal 🙂

Screenshot_2014-09-15-20-18-38_resizedWe have been planning this more months.. months and chatting with her in another groupchat everyday but try not to expose the excitement… sending things and discussing plans with eyes wide open just to make sure we didn’t send to the wrong group… It was just a blink of eyes when 13th September 2014 is finally here..

I reached Johor at 12pm because KCH to Singapore cost around 600rm per way so drag drag drag until it goes up to 800rm and drag drag drag again hoping the price will come down and it ended up tickets sold out. Hohoho.. So its my first time traveling to Singapore from Johor. 

capture-20140915-210702Thank you Airasia again.. you just need to follow these steps with a big of asking and you will reach Singapore safe. Lucky for me, it only took me 1 hour to reach Singapore (Kranji Station). But from Kranji station to Orchard.. it took me another 40 minutes. 

13th September 2014 — 2.25pm

DSC06609Meet up with my bibi aka My brother at Orchard for lunchie. He said the Pork cutlets here was nice.. so this is our lunch for today


DSC06611I had the Recommended Pork Cutlet with Eggie

DSC06612while he had Unagi. Why u no eat porkie?


Everything was good… and we went loitering in the mall while waiting for time to pass. Brother had appointment at 6pm and i intended to go back hotel for a rest before the night so we went off around 3.30pm

13th September 2014 — 4.00pm

Reach hotel at 4.00pm and mei xin is already in the room. We stayed at Fragrance Hotel Emerald because of the price. Hohoho. Dont want to spend so much since its just for a night. Edwin and Jet arrived to our hotel just 15 minutes after i reach hotel.. 

DSC06615_pWe were discussing tonight’s plan and Edwin make sure the plan works exactly how he want it to be. 

13th September 2014 — 5.30pm

Edwin left to get the flowers ready and Jet with lead us throughout the plan. So he waited for us to get ready. 

13th September 2014 – 6.30pm

We went for an early dinner. Just somewhere near our hotel… We went to Geylang Lor 9 and had all these awesome food. Oh nom nom nom.

pageStir Fry lala with sambal, Sliced beef HorFun, Steamed broccoli and Oyster Omelette. 

13th September 2014 — 8.10pm

Reached the Venue — Actors bar at Boat Quay. Relieved when edwin said debbie is still at home preparing.. So means we have plenty of time before she arrived.

DSC06629A lot of rehearsals going on and yay… today is the night!

13th September 2014 — 9pm

It was around 9pm when debbie reached. We were hiding upstairs as the routine chill out session of theirs continues like usual.. Then edwin went up to stage and sang a song.. It was then Yong Siang came up and lead us down and standing just behind her without her notice..  The song finished and Edwin asked her to look behind. Hohoho! The Big Girl cried so hard.. and another round of surprise for her.. 

IMG_24600123275700The moment when he knelt down… 🙂

And a lot of photos after that. Teehehehehe!!! 


DSC06637_pSo here’s the story. We are supposing to have another friend joining us.. But for some clumsy mistaken.. she is not able to make it. HUHUHU. 


Its like missing someone… oh btw.. i dint exposed anything.. just my tummy is tooooo visible so i butterflied it. hoho

DSC06635Anyway!! Big big congrats to my love Debbie Ho and Edwin Choo for the engagement!!! <3<3 For Debbie, wish you the best and happiest marriage you are going to have.. You are finally engaged… you are finally stepping into the next stage of life… and i;m sure you will just get better and better in the future.. Love you as always! <3