1st Day of September

Yesterday was Independence Day. Intended to blog but blog exceed bandwidth. *huhu* Anyway.. i did nothing during Independence Day.. was loitering at home.. pacing around at home.. playing with my keren and busy thinking name for the new bear bear..

ended up mummy called her miuky*

For me, theres nothing much to celebrate for Independence day… perhaps.. a good thing about 31st of August is a day of holiday for everyone. People get to hang out for the sake of gathering (not because of celebrating the day of course). People get to have a good rest because of the holiday… I guess, no one will really felt honored or overjoyed because 31st August is the day we were freed from colonization? At least i wont, i wont go and hang all those stupid flag around the house compound or even at the car… Today i heard my daddy telling me about theres a guy who waved the flag on the motorcycle *ppl will really  b that stupid to do those embarrassing stuff tho* and got hit by a car. Hmm. I just felt funny.

Want me to love my country more? Maybe they should stop bullshitting about democracy. 😀

Yes. i m vain.

Left 368 FR. Gonna clear it off by tonight.