2 more days and 2009 will be in the history~ I remembered i made 12 resolutions at the beginning of 2009.. so lets see if i achieved what i wanted! ^^

These were the resolutions i have made:

1.) To have my laptop FIXED or if it can suddenly turned to a brand new one.. thats better!

Currently : it turned to a BRAND NEW one!

2.) Get a new handphone tis year.. as my handphone cacat oledi.. *haih*

Currently : Changed a couple of phones this year.. some stolen some jus spoilt but currently am using this. Satisfied.

3.) Travelling is wad i owes wanted to do… I wish i can travel like 9 times this year!! HAHAH! 2009 bah!

Went to Visit My Bro end of Feb 2009

Went to Melbourne Beginning of March 2009. Fully Sponsored by Papa love!

Thanks to Anson i even loitered in the US Air Force wearing short pants under 10 degree. haha!

Gather and Meet up with Mei Wah together with Gordon, Tim and Ting sometime during end of March 2009.

Went Shopping Spree with the sistas during middle of April 2009.. My first time joined their routine annually shopping plan! haha!

Went KL with Mr.Steve to meet up with his uni mates beginning of May 2009.

Went to Phuket with bunch of awesome ppl around May 2009.

Went around small places in Sarawak @ September 2009.. like Jakar, Sarikei, Sibu, Bintagor, Saratok and so on…! Nothing but Food.

Went for Xmas Shoppping at the beginning of December 2009 BUT too bad SALES only started at the second week of December 2009.

Hence.. went again at the middle of December 2009 for more! Tried things which i never tried,  Eat like i have never eaten.. Shop like i have never shop b4.. Experience different excitement.. and.. enjoy myself too much until i gain 3 kg when i landed in KUCHING. *hohoho*

Currently : I think i achieved it!!

4.) As simple as to bless my loves one healthy owes including dupy of coz

Papa Mama, Healthy and cute!

Brother!! Getting more yeng each year!

Bao. Obviously i force him to do so. hahaha!

Dupy! healty and happily napping in the aircon room everyday

Currently : Happily Achieved!

5.) Try to maintain my weight at 53 kg for the whole year.. now exceed THREE liao k!!!! *pek chek*

Currently : Not achieved.. but ever since i joined. i feel more healthy now! *nyek*

6.) I wish my close friends are always there for me.. I wish my lings are owes there for me! *muacks*

Currently : Achieved. I owes love them!

7.) I hope everything get smoother in the new chapter of my life!! *excited*

Currently : Achieved. Its exciting.. but i think the excitement gonna end sooon.

8.) I hope there will be a trip to Taiwan with my family!! *i wan food*

Currently : Not achieved. Coz my gaji too little for this year. Postponed to next year loh hopefully

9.) TRUST and confident *duno how to put it in sentence.. if u noe it.. u noe.. if u dont.. u dont.. keke*

Currently : I oso duno wad i m toking last year. so i consider ACHIEVED? haha!

10.) To receive more presents! i love presents! HAHAHHAHAHHA!

Currently : So far achieved!!

11.) To get a DSLR… or even a new compact camera.. or someone to fix my shutter!

Currently : Achieved. Dar bought me a compact camera during my birthday. =)

12.) Be loved more.. *wuahaha*

Currently : Have to be continuously achieved!

So basically thats it!!

Lets wait for next year!!