2010 New Year Resolutions

Well.. as usual.. i m late for my new year resolution again..bcoz.. i don really have new year resolution in my mind.. My life is kinda in a chaos now. hahaha! i mean my new job. i don like it.. Please don ask me wad is the job becoz i don feel like telling..! If its not bcoz of the high salary.. i wont even think a tiny bit about it. DONE.

2010 is here!! Counting the days.. i think i m going to get older in a few months! Urgh!!!! time flies! For this year.. am just gonna have 10 simple resolutions!

1. As simple as.. bless my family including dupy and bao with health and happiness. None other thing is more important than health!

2. I want to have wonderful birthdays.. bcoz i m turning 23..!!! Its a dilemma can!

3. I plan to have at least 10 getaways in the year 2010. near near as like beaches oso can lah.. anything will do.

4. I want to lose weight until 51KG.

5. My last year not achieved de Taiwan Trip with my family..!! I hope with my new job.. i will be more affordable.

6. I want to save 5K this year after all the trips and spending on clothes, heels and leisure.

7. I want to pick up one skill or learn one new thing this year. Anything will do.

8. I want papa to rest more this year and don work too hard on helping frens to do things. (YES.. purposely write for PAPA to seeeeee)

9. I hope i can rearrange, categorize and tidy up all my photos in a nice hard disk. haha! i know it sounds easy but i have… a lot of pictures.. more than wad u can think!! hahahahaha!

10. Oh.. i wan to do something extraordinary and adventurous this year!! HAHAHA!!!! i haven think of it yet! Will update on this!

Achievable? I will make it happen! ^^