:) & :(

I have two things to share..

This afternoon.. i finally get to have lunch with ting and tim at MEI MEI cafe… at Chonglin Park… Wad so special about it hor.. its a kopitiam.. the kopitiam which ting, tim, Gordon and I used to have lunch together almost EVERYDAY when i m still in my xian life. *teehehehe*

ANd as usual.. i had BEE HOON SPECIAL.. sth which i craved for so long ever since i start to work. kekekek! i super missed the aunty’s bee hoon special hor.. i had this almost everytime i lunch with them.. and.. the good news is.. the tauke nio still remember me! muahahaha! yum yum! *yum yum to the beehoon i mean.. not the tauke nio*

Bad news.. the handle of my purple bag teared off when i m on my way home. huhuhuhu.. T.T

Its time to buy a new bag..!!  😀