Yeah.. 3 things a day.. i believe u ppl see the topic then will know le lor.. Three “more” significant things that i did today..

1. I pick my pupu up! I miss u pupu! *muax*

2. I have a hair cut.. bad or good? haih.. bei zai neh~

3. Me and lao mao went Kaya Toast for lunch! fooddddie!

In order to not miss pickin up my pupu.. i manage to stay awake for the whole night and get myself ready by 10am. I went to fill up my car petrol.. oh gosh.. RM 40 only like that! i cant believe it! hate our government.. haiz.. AFter a few minutes of petrolling.. i went to the laundry shop.. weeeee.. i pick my pupu up from the dry cleaning.. PUPU.. i miss u!!! So damn lot of ppl looking at me when i was carrying my pupu to the car.. hoho! Btw.. pupu smell over too “softlen”… i think the dry cleaning used up lotsa softlen? Even now when keren touched pupu.. it smell softlen.. even me.. typing my blog here.. i can smell softlen beside me.. haha.. yea.. pupu is beside me..

Here’s pupu! Oh pupu~ u look so clean.. no more black black strain on ur head and u r just pinkish! hehe! *hugs*

Me and pupu! while waiting for lao mao. HoHo.. time is money.. time=more photographss ^^

Yea u’re right.. I pick up lao mao and we went to THE SPRING to have our hair made. This time.. we decided to try on Richard and Iris.. a saloon at the very back near the toilet.. haiz… i forgot to take the pic of the shop la.. sobx!

Because of my affection for my long hair.. i decided not to make it any shorterrrrr.. so i just have my fringe cut… lao mao.. she wanted to dye her curly hair.. hoho!

I think i only used up like.. hmm… 5 minutes for my fringe..Fast neh.. haha.. fringe nia ma.. how long will it takes rite?  So means oso i have plenty of time to take any pictures that i like… weeeheheheh!!!..

My before..

And the after…

arrgh!!! i think i look like xiu mui mui~ ARGH!! i look like little girl! *cry*

Those are my before and after and now we’ll see lao mao’s.. huhuhu!

u see.. all the funny funny looks.. especially the second one. hoho! still act kolien bah! *pinch* wuakakakakak!!!

yeah!! her aftermath.. weeeeehe! nice lerr.. aiyo.. too bad she don wan to take her before picture.. sobx! so bad la u lao mao!

me red shoes.. me love red shoes!

lao mao’s boots.. i like to see girl wear boots la.. but i not suitable neh.. *haih*

We spent like hmm.. 2 hours in Richard and Iris hair saloon.. I only spent like RM 4 for my FRinge.. which is surprising cheap in The Spring.. but lao mao’s RM 180! hoho! wad a huge difference hor.. after that.. we head to buy some donuts!! no picturessssss o.. forgot to take. hoho! anyway.. u can again visit my food blog for Big Apple Donuts!

Lao mao: yien.. wanna eat Kaya and Toast bo?

Yien: ee.. okok ler..

Lao mao: Kia!! i wana eat half boiled egg..muahahahah!!!

ANd this is how we ended up at Kaya and Toast.. The drinks there are quite a big portion.. haiz! next time share enuf la.. so much!

I ordered plum lime juice.. greenish greenish my favourite colour! lao mao’s ice lemon tea

Lao mao’s half boiled eggies!

Her breakfast combo.. hoho!

My curry with toasttt.. bread too much la. kia si lang!

ANd this is how we spent our few hours before i need to go work again.. haih!!

Kids are kinda scary.. because they love to grab my attention.. and me having to take care of so many little jie jie-obsessed kids make me hin! – i feel like baby-sitter- =(