3 Points- F*ck it

One of the very terrible service i got from this restaurant…. JUST NOW. Eventually i was having my graduation celebration at 3 Points.. I PRE-ORDER all the dishes one day before.. They say they will arrange a room for us. Great!

Jus now.. when we reached there.. no room are reserved for us. Fine. i don wan to spoil my mood argue such silly matter.. WHen all my family members arrived, i ask them to serve.

Guess what.. its more than 15 minutes and no dish served. I ask to confirm again.. they say coming. Half an hour pass.. No dish.. i started to get a bit unhappy.. so i jus ask “Your dish took very long to serve hor?” He answered.. “Oh.. we wait until all the people are here then we only start to cook the dish.” WTF.. my cousin immediately voiced out.. “Then there is no point to pre-order.” Correct wad.. i presumed if we do some pre-order… the dish will almost get ready when we ask to serve right??! am i not wrong?!

First DISH… Cold platter.. I will show u the picture.. and THIS IS NOT THE COLD PLATTER I ORDERED. The reason why i wil order a RM 80 Cold PLatter is because they told me the combination of the cold platter is PRAWN, BEEF, PORK, BABY OCTOPUS, and SQUID.

AND u see wad they giv me???!!! POpiah???!!! A lot of FRUITS with very thin slice of canned scallop??! WAD THE HACK?? WHERE IS THE BABY OCTOPUS?? WHERE IS ALL THE F*CKING LUXURIOUS FOOD THEY SAID??!!

Another mistaken.. i ordered half of the roasted duck and they give me the WHOLE ROASTED DUCK. FINE. i don wan to argue over this because the COLD PLATTER IS OLEDI ENUF TO PISS ME OFF.

Another lousy service.. when i m taking the photo of the camera.. the waiter keep on wanting to refill my tea.. FOR GOODNESS SACK… cant u wait until i finish taking the photo.. can u not NGEI NGEI use ur hand to squueze in between mine to take the cup??!! DO U WAN ME TO OFFER U SOME TRAINNINGS FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE?? My company do have this course!!!

I already prepared to scold.. i went out and settle the bill.. I confront them NICELY that they giv me the wrong order.. i dint scold.. bcoz i know they are jus employees.. i requested for the order list of mine.. GUEsS WAD?? i ordered from a Malay guy name Taxthon and how come all my menu is written in CHINESE??!

They tell me all the orders the marketing department will rewrite b4 they sent it to the kitchen.. Rewrite is alright.. but.. to CHANGE my menu?? WHo r u to do that??! i kindly ask the girl to check with the person in charge.. I tell her after Taxthon got my order.. i double check everything and its correct.. means its not taxthon’s fault at all! Its all the stupid marketing executive fault. STUPID. Spell it!

The reason why i will order a cold platter is because the content look very attractive.. and.. i ask about wad is in the cold platter.. they RECOMMENDED me this one because inside they have Prawn, Squid, Beef, Pork and Baby Octopus…! If the RM 80 cold platter is worth some popiah and a lot of fruits with canned scallop.. do you think i will ORDER that??! You are embarrassing me in front of my guests.. Having this kind of CHEAP COLD PLATTER and wanted to appologize it with some fruits?? Fuck u! i can buy the whole basket of papaya and throw it into your head..

The point is.. I WANT TO IMPRESS MY GUEST AND THATS Y I ORDERED THAT RECOMMENDED COLD PLATTER WHICH LOOK IMPRESSIVE… and you are embarrassing me with the LOUSY quality food of urs!!??!!

The supervisor called up the person in charge. she is would like to make up with us deducting the cold platter… I am oledi very unhappy after the cold platter is served.. She said sorry.. (her name is ANN) and she is very very polite. Fine. Knowing not to pay for that stupid embarrasing RM 80 cold platter relief me a bit but i still stressed that how LOUSY THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS…! EMBARRASING ME RIGHT IN MY FACE with that quality of FOOD. I wanted to insist my complain of the duck but.. guess i don wan to drag too much of it. The cold platter itself is already enough. YES. I ordered half of the duck and the “CLEVER” idoitic marketing executive “rewrite” CHANGE it to WHOLE DUCK. so we left quite a lot and we tapaoed.

We (My bro n i) waited for very long. DAr come out and ask wad are we waiting for. I told the girl to deduct like wad the supervisor said. The girl called up the person in charge again.. and at last.. she say:

“All i can do for you is to giv u a FREE fruits and a 10% discount for the cold platter”. FREE FRUITS???!! I CAN BUY THE WHOLE WATERMELON AnD THROW IT ON UR FACE okay?? and 10% Discount?? RM 72 worth of cold platter with POPIAH and FRUITS with canned scallops?? (oops.. shud i say CLAM) I know she is jus a worker so i requested her to call up the person in charge i will speak DIRECTLY to her. She refused. Somehow i think the person in charge oledi teach her how to do. FINE.. so if u insist you want to handle this thing.. i will scold you right in ur face like wad you requested for! I wanted to settle the thing with your person in charge directly.. but u don wan.. u insist you wil handle.. and for that, i’ll talk to u like wad u want

At last, she still have to deduct that stupid cold platter from my list because i don order such LOUSY food for my guests. I feel embarrassed serving that food. I told her the service is extremely lousy and bla bla bla.. she say…

“ok lah.. suan le la.. (means its over liao la.. don bother liao).. and she will giv me free and so on” WHAT THE FUCK???!! LIKE AS IF SHE IS IN THE POSITION TO SAY SUAN LE LA??? IF i m serving the VIP and u giv me this kind of dish? IF i insist i don wan ur FREE food and i insist on my stand on how embarrasing i m to get the “REWRITE ORDER” to serve my guest?? I M THE ONE WHO DECIDE WHETHER I WAN TO PUT IT TO THE END AND NOT YOU!!!

She knot do anything i know.. And tomolo.. i M GOIN TO CALL UP THE MARKETING EXECUTIVE called AANILY LIEW.. and see what she will say…



Second, IT IS NOT THE FREE OR NOT FREE MATTER… IT IS HOW THINGS SHUD BE AND YOU HAVE NO POSITION TO SAY SUAN LE LA UNTIL I SAY SO. bcoz i m the customer. I decide weather i wanna put in to the end and not u.

Thirdly, TOMOLO I WILL CALL AND SEE WAD SHE SAID. and OF coz.. to prevent Taxthon get all the blame bcoz he is not wrong.