A small break from Office

HUHUHU! sorry my dearest.. have not been updating my blog for such a long time di.. i m feeling myself turning into an old woman lately.. KAKAKAKAK!!! No lah.. just kidding.. lalalala! well.. i guess after work will just mostly have my little short nap.. hang out with my dar or even the siao gang.. and thats all… Unlike last time i use to have 24 hours to edit n update my blog.. especially after midnight from 2am to 5am u will see me actively online. woots! miss those life tho!

I m at office now.. using my 1 hour lunch break to visit my own blog. uhuhu! today will be mostly on documentation.. which is less interesting.. Just being random.. theres 17 bodies found from the Air France crash at Atlantic Ocean di.. haih! All passengers are presumed dead i think. Haih.. i duno why i m owes very sensitive towards plane crash.. duno why.. i just feel that its really very saddening. There are merely any survivors from any plane crash. Well.. life is in the hand of our GOD. Just Pray.

Okay okay!!! i almost forgot the main purpose of me updating this post again… TAAAHAHAHAHHA!! Well.. basically i wanna leave some words for everyone that i m going to update my blog very SOON.. i feel so guilty for abandoning my blog lahhh!! and hor.. also not to go bloghoping. so long i haven visit my dearest gang’s blog liao.. *nyek nyek nyek* don worry.. will seee me soooon!! LALALALALA!

Oh.. so cute isnt it!! i accidentally found this pic when googling for some office stuff. hehehe!

P/s: its even cuter than the chi hua hua we saw at sunday market right??? right? right? right??!