A very Long today! tehehehe

Well.. today i tooka lot of pictures.. went to a lot of places.. and of coz.. so much things to blog.. Also.. lao mao birthday sth sth.. OHHHH!! i got so many things to blog but now is like 2.00am in the morning and tomolo is my first day of semester start and i got class at 8.30am.. haih!!!!

So mayb i will blog tomolo.. after class.. teeehehe!! anyway! today is 4th AuGust! happie bday lao mao!

Lotsa lotsa pictures update soon!

For short, today we went to Pc Fair.. guess who i saw.. JIMMY CHIN! hahahaha!!! jimmy so surprised to see u.. then we went to Madam Tang’s.. my first trail actually.. and afterthat we went to Kuching Fest! wuakakaka! jus now got lotsa programmesss la.. and and.. we even count down for lao mao bday! hehehe!! More pictures soon!!