About Haters

Hello!! Today i have an amusing story to share.

In life, haters often comes in to complete what you are today. Haters normally made up of people who are jealous of you. People who “care” too much about your life because they have nothing better to do or people who just want to make your life interesting.

Oh… Before this, just want to clarify i actually have a lot of comments waiting for moderation.. Sorry if you dint caught my attention.

But i finally have time to go through and i found you. 🙂 yeah! Oh Oh… dont be upset, i already approve your comments since you put in so much effort in writing and boosting up my views.

I smiled. hehehe!  because i haven been seeing this kinda comment for years. The mentality is impressive. Its like when you are in high school and girls between girls, you know the jealousy, so they just made up some fake account just to bad mouth. Oh….. you remind me of high school girls. I mean high school mentality. And of coz, i knew who you are 😀

Sorry to disappoint you because my EQ is too high which i don feel offended. You are 2 years older than me, maybe you should learn how to think first before you make fun of yourself. But nevermind, i thank you very much for entertaining me. You really cheer me up. i never knew you care so much about my life. *shy*

And sorry about my eye bags, i do not have the habit to edit my pictures before posting. But still, thank you for visiting my blog. Each click helps me to earn some money. Thank you! 😀 and Please come again <3

“Haters don’t really hate you, they hate themselves;
because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be”
― Yaira N