Well.. i think most of the ppl knew that i was not feeling well for the past two months.. not feeling well as in terrible cough… fever… body ache… flu.. and so on lah.. of coz you stil can see me loitering around shopping malls la.. but just before new year.. i had terrible headache everyday.. really everyday never miss.. well.. its kinda very suffering for me.. i take 2 tablets of panadol active fast recommended by tmot and the pharmacist.. it does cure but only for short term.. the next year b4 i took the panadol.. it attack me with the same pain again.. everyday continously two weeks… things are getting worse and worst.. i starting to feel extremely knot tahan and i prefer to stay at home rather than hanging out with the gang and friends.. it really kills me with the pain..

One afternoon when i was toking to my mum on the fon… the headache comes again.. so scary you know.. i thought i kena wad ah.. then mummy decided to take half day leave and bring me to the very far acupuncture.. more than 15 miles i think..

hehehe! u still can see me smile lah.. only a lil bit pale.. the doctor is so high tech.. he took my blood and scan it.. plus.. microscope it..and then use computer to analyse before projected it out for me to see.. wah!! althought i dun understand the round round cell of mine.. but i m so impressed..

he explained to me a lot.. oh.. a lot of stuff… i don wan to scare you all so just listed out some exceptable one.. over low blood pressure.. not enuf blood.. my liver too heaty and my cough and flu virus is yet not recover yet.. the mukus went into my blood causing the cell to stick together in my blood.. ok.. i know its boring.. hehehe!

He then ask me to go over there for acupuncture.. wah! so kan jeong eh!! i never have acupuncture in my entire life.. my first time!! hohoho!!

hmmm.. edit a bit so its not so exposuble..

First is my leg.. huhuhu.. painful o not arh? well.. kinda very weird.. for leg.. once the needles poke in.. my whole leg is kinda numb….

Hand is the freaking painful one!!! so so so so so painful u know!! even after the acupuncture.. you have no energy to held up ur hand at all!!!!

Tummy.. i got 6 needles on my tummy.. but tummy is kinda meaty so knot post up! hehe

and lastly the face and head.. kakakakakaka!! not painful…surprisingly!

Thats y i still can smile! weeee!

Oh.. the acupuncture in those kungfu movie is owes standing up straight but why mine is like one up and one sloping down.. huhu… T.T

I got 2 on my leg.. 3 on my hand… 6 on my belly and 6 on my head! muahahahaha!!

After one day of rest.. my headache kinda abandone me liao.. this is the third day of mine without the killing headache!! God bless me! Muacks!