After Christmas

Merry Christmas All! I did not celebrate Christmas this year. Was sick so i stay at home celebrate keren’s birthday instead. Somehow. i think that it is all just an occasion.

I got inspired today. People come and people left. All they left behind was the memories and their life style or culture or habits if you want to say. You came across someone.. you adapt their culture and you bring them with you. In a good way.. its more and more things in you 😀

Its a miracle to have bumped into people that share shockingly similar interest, hobbies, habits and life style as you. I was impressed. So thats the reason why people can click so well together huh?

This year was a very fulfilling year. No matter good or bad.. it ultimately lead me to something good. I met wonderful people.. i met people of my kind! hahaha! I think i will be able to make next year a better year for myself 😀

I am currently adjusting myself to make a balance between everything. So if u feel that i am weird.. or why am i acting so extreme on certain things and vice versa.. Just forgive me 🙂 I don’t want to make you all worried so this is just a small note to tell you guys i am living a good life now don worry 😀

We shall look forward for a better year in 2011!! Any backpacking partners? Hello? 😀