Age Differences

There’s always sometime when i am too busy doing my own stuff until i neglect a lot of things. Today, i encounter a question. Well, not exactly a question but something for me to think and recall back.

I bumped into a junior of mine today, should say as always. Junior during university time. Well, she is far more younger than me. I guess around 1990’s. She popped out a question, like :” Oh.. how come always bumped into you with the same person ah.. you dont have other friends liao meh? Last time i used to see you with different different gangs lei.”

Hmm.. True also. This random question just make me recall back how things change when time passed by. I remember when i was in my high school. I used to have a lot a lot of friends. Especially male friends. Its like i know the whole school and 90% of the friends i hang out or mingled with are guys. Bunch of guys. Tuition time, guys. Play time, guys. Somehow, that time i think guys are more fun. Easier to hang out with and more outgoing.

When i entered university life. Things doesnt change much. Perhaps, i have more n more friends. Its like every weekend or free time or semester break, i have to arrange who to go out with because i have so many of them. Exciting life huh!

End of University life, i have my blogger friends. I love them to bits. We hang out like everyday, creating beautiful memories and all the crazy things you’ve ever imagined. The best part is, my boyfriend that time mingled with them as well, so eventually, we all go crazy together. Those were one of the best time i have in life. Later part, we all joined gym. And here we go, we have new gym friends. Same culture, we hang out almost everyday. Everyday throughout the whole year.

Things started to change when i start working. Workloads and the working culture etc somehow give me a click like : Wake up! the world is evil! I do have new friends, still hanging out with the same bunch of people as well as my old friends from high school and so on. Until one day when the GOD decided to reveal the friends from the real world. aka the friends i made in the working society.

Throughout the 5 years of entering the working life, it however shows and conclude on thing, people who make friends when u entering the working life is either you are attractive or you have some value for them in the future. Well, its nothing wrong with it. It is very common. Just that, by that time, you will miss the friends you met during primary or secondary school time, because, they really wanna make friends with you for the sake of making friends. Not by some benefits that they can see from you.

When i entered the working life age, i started to prefer mingle with girl friends. One of the reason is because, some of my close male friends eventually have their own partners, and girl friends on the other hand, its easier to do shopping with, and the topics, well, its all about guys or things that girls will fancy. HAHAHAHA! And long enough when betrayal started to occur, i start to realized that there is not much sincere friends around.. Hence, during the working life stage, there are only left a few that i will always hang out with, that i can comfortable with. My secondary school darlings on the other hand, my ji muis, they have their own life as well, they have their own boyfriends and working hours/ working natures are eventually different. We dont hang out as much as we did anymore. But once a while, once every few months is worth a happy smile. We still treat each other with a sincere heart although we really dont get to see each other that often.

Other stage of life when i am getting older, like 25 or 26. When boyfriend exist, well, time is obviously being occupied. Work, family, boyfriend. When you get into this stage, the ones whom you always hang out with is obviously your family, your boyfriend and your boyfriend’s friends, well, and maybe time to time a few of my close friends. Friends, indeed still a lot, but, do you have time and effort to manage all of them? Thats y when you see me hanging out with the same bunch of people. It doesnt mean that i have no friends, its just mean that i m old already. hahahahhahaha! Sometimes i do miss the time when i have to arrange time for every different groups of friends IF i still have the energy to do so. Nowadays activity? hang out at boyfriend house and watch movie together. End of the story. hahahaa!

Well, i must say that we all feel amazed when me and my secondary school ji mui gather together. From the day we knew each other, our topics grew from, Hey.. what phone are you getting now? wow! the guy is cute. To what course are you taking up for your studies? What job are you looking for now? To when are you going to get a boyfriend? Is that guy really sincere to you? To OMG! you are getting married? OMG where are you planning to do your hens night? OMG when bridal are you opting for? Eh, you going to whose whose whose wedding or not? To… Congrats, your baby is cute! Eh.. you know that that who who gave birth jor ah? SEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! our topics.. Red bombs are bombing me like… endlessly these few years. OMG!!! Some are even a mother already. Hmmmm!! Cant deny that i am getting into the stage di. Huhuhuhuhuhuhu T__________T

Well, a photo of myself. At least give me a chance to post my photo mar. hehehhehehe! Good night peeps!