Ahyien is loaded with papers!

Oh.. starting from this week.. i will be really really really super super and super busy liao. haih!! Only the second week i started my sch and papers and assignments keep rushing for me.. sobx!! Just like wad april say.. 24 hours is definitely not enuf!!! arrrrghhhhhhhhhh!!!! *pening*

What shud i dO? shud i do a schedule for myself?? aiyo.. but but.. haih.. duno ler.. I haven even find my topic for the research paperSSS yet.. yes.. a lot of papers. haih.. and i have one assignment due next week.. which i haven think of the topic to research on yet.  i m digging my own grave perhapsss!

ANyway.. i still wanted to watch WALL E!!

The character is so so so so cute!! i heard my fren say the story very kolien? hmm.. i duno le.. haven watch gok.. waiting for me bro.. he like oso i noe! muahaha..i love the brown one!! its so so so cute! just like bibi! ahahaha!

The brown one??

Yes!!! this is it.. duno the name la! hahaha! look at the innocent eyes!! CUTEnyer~~~~~~!!!