Before 30!

So this is the last month of 2015, how time flies! I’ll be 29 next year and 30 at 2017!!! One more year to go… We always have our own wishlist like things to do before 30 or things to accomplished before 30.. So what’s yours?

For me, I’m easier.. I’m a wanderlust as you can see. My goal is just to travel eat and explore. I always believe Travel is the only thing you buy that makes  you richer. Richer in term of knowledge, culture, mindset, and all the experience that you can never ever learn from a book. However, there’s restriction also, how to take your annual leave, how to work with your budget and how to slot in enough time for that. There’s a will there’s way. I travelled a lot every year.. fully utilized the public holidays and all sort of connecting leave or holidays.. My blog is the only thing that I feel belonged to, its like a book that records all my life travel.. how far I’ve achieved.. I used to have a wishlist of places that I really wanted to go, well, I think i’ll get one done soon. 

So basically I only have 2 simple goals to achieve  before 30. Other than that I think I am adventurous enough that I’ve done and achieved what I wanted to over these years. 

  1. Stay and experience their culture at some foreign place for a month. ALONE. Not solo travelling. I’ve done solo travelling a few times already. This one is to live at some place alone and experience different culture and try to adapt like a local.
  2. Get myself a new car, which is in the process. 

TWO more only. It seems easy to achieve but I am having some headache because my travel plans for next year are kind of packed already. MUAHAHAHAHA!!