Black Out!

HUUUUUUUUUUU! did u remember about the whole sarawak black out 2 days ago? yes!! so cham u noe!!!

Haih.. at first it went black out during like 6.45pm.. while we are planning to have our dinner.. nvm.. daddy say mayb we will just go out to Boulevard or sth and wait until it recovered.. But who noes.. when we went out.. everywhere is DARK.. BLACK i shud say.. wAohh..! first time ya! haha! no road lamp.. no traffic lights.. the shop houses and shoplets are like BLACK.. and everywhere has no electricity except the dull light for emergency exit.. scary!! ppl is like driving so recklessly.. haha.. not recklessly la.. so impatiently la.. hahaha!!! jamed here jamed there.. so dangerous..

and so.. we ended up go home and have our candle light dinner.. hehe! RomanticNyerrr.. My bro even called us and tell us the whole sarawak do not have electricity.. haha! how resourcesful ar him!

We have steamed chicken that day. ahaha! dupy is enjoying her candle light dinner oso. hahaha!

Its is 7pm sth when the electric recover.. and Phoooff.. not more than half an hour.. black out again!! argh!! So geram bcoz it was so stufffy!!!!! we went outside the road and loitering around for the breeze. haha! so cham rite? haha!

Anyhow.. we only manage to get the electricity before 11pm.. haih.. so long!! almost 4 hours without electricity!! suffferrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But when the next day me and my frens discuss about it.. they got their electricity at around 9pm sth.. so not fair! mine is nearly 11pm can.. sobx!!

And according to the papers.. Its real that whole sarawak except Bintulu happened to Black out.. why? Go read newspaper la.. i lazy explain oso. haha!!!