Chicken Pox Day 1

Yesterday i suddenly discovered i had 3 big pimples on my face.. i was like.. omg… i never got this ugly pimples b4…!! i had backache for like… 3 days already.. slight fever since day b4 ytd then i was thinking.. mayb i m gonna b very sick soon…

Today.. 070710. i woke up at around 11am.. go for a shower getting ready to meet up with my colleagues to have our lunch date…..! when i m half way showering.. i discovered my pimples got worst and i have a few new pimples on my waist.. i m very frustrated..! how can it be!

When i was going to dry my hair… i stand on the mirror and.. OH MY HOLY MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!! i screamed!! seriously screamed!!! Call my mum, papa and my boyfriend and cried about it….. sobs!!! The first thing in my mind is.. what if i will have scar on my face??!!! What if the chicken pox will ruin my face!

AHHH!!! i cant take it….! *crying at the corner*

I duno how long it will take to recover but my bestie’s wedding is just 5 days later! omg.. pray for me.. and i have to cancel off the lunch date with my colleagues.. this weekends gathering plans and so on. *AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*