She owes bring us smiles when we reached home.

Everyday no matter day or nite.. as long as no one is at home.. she will owes jump up her plastic chair and wait for us to come home.. (Only do so when nobody is at home. if not.. she will be in papa’s room 24 hours enjoying the air-con)

Whenever i reached home.. this is what i saw.. aww… how cute!! don u jus wana go and give her a pat on her little tiny round head?! *teehehe*

Look at Her.. she could jump up to that tall plastic chair but she never have the courage to jump down.. or mayb she is creating some opportunities for us to hug her down. hehehe!! She is owes like that.. if we just ignore her and went it the house.. She will giv us the very pity look and moaned until someone feel guilty and come out to hug her in..

Dupy’s Profile

Name : Dupy

Breed : Shih Tzu + Pekingese

Birthdays : 02.02.EVERY YEAR.. She is 9 years old in 2009

Colour : Black, White, Grey

Status : Chong’s Family little Princess

Favourite Fruit : Papaya & Durian

Favourite Vege : Corn

Favourite Meat : Fish

Favourite Dish : Black Bean Soup with Pork/Vegetable Soup

Favourite Dessert : Gui Lin Gao & Taufu Fa

Favourite Person in the House : PAPA

Favourite Pass Time : Lick papa’s leg when papa is playing games. Lick papa’s hand when papa is watching TV.. Lick the Floor when papa is sleeping!

Habits : Will go to Mama every evening after dinner. Go to the sofa mama owes lay down. Lay down jus in front of mama and hint mama to give her a belly rub.