Flower Expert?? =.=”

Just a snack before exam.. have anyone heard of flower expert? hehe.. Last nite.. i came across a talk show called Rachael Ray. There’s a lady called Rebecca Kolls.. whom.. is an expert for flowers.. so in the show.. they start to talk about how guys have no intention of giving flowers to the girls and how lousy they are in picking flowers and bla bla bla.. I find it quite interesting at the same time kinda funny. Was is because of the culture they have or was it only me? *nyek*

According to the flower expert.. girls doesnt like RED roses.. why??! hmm.. i have no idea but she keep on insist all her friends around her doesnt like RED roses.. Aren’t red roses lovely, ladies?

Who doesnt like it? *hmm* this one is the best i could find online.. T.T

Anyway.. they have a real life example of showing how that bf doesnt know how to pick flowers for the gf.. and surprisingly.. i think the guy kinda good in picking roses leh.. nvm then.. and guess whats the ang moh’s favourite BOUQUET??!

One stem of ORCHID wrapped with Tissue.. this is what that girl fren said to the audience.. and again.. a lot of them agreed that will be more meaningful than roses.. =.=”

One stem of Orchid wrapped with Tissue? Ok.. let me imagine then i will draw it out! *tahaha*