For some reasons, I know I need to post something..

For some reasons, I need to post something…

Firstly, readership drop like 30% because of my laziness and lack of updates for this 2 months. However, still very happy for those who continue reading. Much love!

Secondly, projects getting lesser because of the same reason. Hahahaha. Projects less = Income less. 

Thirdly, piles of overdue posts and travelogues. At least 7 travelogues to be updated and 2 recipes and and.. 2 beauty products. Hmmmmm! Gonna do at least 2 these weekend.

As i promised like 2 months ago. Boracay post coming up! It will be up like.. these 2 days ok. 🙂 

DSC03461_p#ATV ride in Boracay. The only thing is.. how i wish its like a racing track. This one is too obedient for me. hahaha!