Just some random post out from no where.

Sometimes when you are alone, you tend to flash back things that happened or people whom had once ever walked in your life. Little little things that happened makes you grow, but it also makes you realized that how cruel the world and the reality can be.

Of coz, you have friends or people who are sincere to you, and vice versa. Sometimes, you can only see who is your true friends when shits happened to you. and who are the one who only know how to talk cock to make them feel nicer.

I’ve a friend once told me, sometimes, you realized when shit happens, the ones that stay by your side or willing to lend a helping hand are the one who you dont contact often. Those whom you hang out everyday might just disappear when things happen. Which is quite true. Chinese they have a very old phrase for this situation, which obviously i dont remember. 🙂

We have a friend. A close friend. Sometimes, when we see her in trouble, we tend to give her advice for her own good. But somehow, it turn out to be something she dont like. We chose not to say much because we knew the mindset is there already. What are friends for? Haih.

Anyway, i’m just bored and.. nothing better to do at home for this lovely holiday. Yeah…! One more day!