Ganas Ahyien!

Before ahyien go ganas.. Wan to give a sweet hug hug to those who do my tag! so guai and so dai sek neh! *hugs hugs hugs* the premium tmot, paul paul, monicaaaa and lo ngiao wuakaka! Ok.. continue ganasing..

It was late at night now.. I can hardly do anything except blogging and plurking.. even plurk is going a lil bit lagging.. i wonder why. haih! Msn not working.. Even email i could hardly go into!!! Duno why leh! the page never can log.. kolien kolien..

Recently i m doing fine.. except for the coughs and banyak sickness… I m still living life happily.. Well.. CNY is coming soon.. but weird to say.. there is not much of the CNY mood this year.. Whats your plan for CNY? no one confirm anything with me.. i knot plan my schedule oso.. haih! every year sure got this problem.. when u ask them when to go visiting.. everyone say not sure.. so when last minute i couldnt make it for them.. they say i hao lian la.. put aeroplane lah.. aiyo.. U guys are the one who dint inform me earlier bah! sobx!! Oh.. speaking about that.. CNY for the gang not complete oso bcoz ting and Na is not at Kuching.. T.T

And recently, i had came across some very very irritating stuff.. I went to After 3 this afternoon with my sista for lunch.. The service there SUCKS.. Its not the first time it happened.. service is really terrible.. just mention today’s.. so kind of me dint blah out my own life experience at After 3 hor! keke! So the story went like this.. we went for lunch.. as normal.. we had our food.. BUT we never get our drinks.. even until everyone finish the food.. we ask again about our order.. and yet.. i duno where have their ears gone..! Cakap cakap pun tak faham ar! Geramnya! Cola and Air Ular panas nia ma.. so hard to do kah.. and hor.. when we happily finally see some coke-alike stuff.. not sure if its ours.. the waiter is like so wanna kek pose.. he handle the whole tray of drinks in a very pose-y way.. like this lah!!

and u noe wad.. the next minute i heard.. PPPOOOOMMMM! everything splash! My gosh!! Can u imagine.. such scenario really happens! and everyone is busy cleaning the floor.. when we ask another waiter about our drinks.. no one really cares.. so wad to do.. pay and leave loh.. when we reach the counter.. that stupid cashier count every of our orders in.. We look at her.. using the MOST PATIENT TONE and speak.. Ur drinks never arrive!

Geram! Speaking about that.. another place with the worst service will be TAROT CAFE! Have you guys ever been to TWO BANANA?? is the service there super TERUK??!!! Ppl had been putting curse on Two Banana last time saying that the cafe will close down with that kind of service.. and guess what…. Two Banana is closed down.. PPl wonders why the service at TAROT CAFE is equally as bad as the previous Two Banana? We celebrated Tmot’s bday last night at Tarot.. a lot of ppl experience the “excellent” service there.. weird huh? the waitress are owes BLUR and forgetful.. haih! don wan mention liao.. its not the first time i went there.. can u at least giv me a BETTER service just once???? Once oso good mah!

See this Toast??! I m so happie and relief my toast came after like one-hour-wait.. somemore its like 2pm and the cafe is still empty.. if lotsa ppl i don blame lah.. but.. wad the heck! Oh..mentioning about why the previous Two Banana and the present Tarot Cafe had the equally LOUSY service and BLUR and Forgetful waitresses?? BCOZ ITS THE SAME TAUKE!

Ok.. stop complaining.. hehehe! ahyien has been complaining for the whole day today liao.. not a very good day for me.. When i drive.. so many crazy drivers!! U ask pik qi lah! she is with me in the car.. look at THOSE ppl driving this afternoon.. the M*L***! duno how to drive don wan drive lah!! My car is transperant one isit?? Or the road ur daddy buy one arh! Wan to go out from the junction is not like.. “OH.. i got car.. i should chiong!“… duno how to LOOK and SEE if got car around one isit!!!

ARRGHHH!!! Ok.. i don wan scold ppl liao.. today ahyien has been GANAS!! muahahahahaha!! OH.. my eyes got infected few days ago.. hmm.. guess i will be wearing specs for the moment loh.. T.T


*ok.. song liao! hehe*