:: Happy CNY :: Happy Valentines ::

I haven been blogging for like half month di. OMG. Sorry Bloggie!!

So how was your CNY and Valentines? I wasnt really celebrating those this year.

This year eve of CNY is not as happening as last year as well.. even the fireworks is lesser around my neighbourhood. huhu!

When to Sylvia’s house on the first day of CNY as usual.. But this year with another new member of hers. *teehehe*

Took some pics with all my darlings and i guess thats the only day we actually take pictures.

I am so blue this year i know. 😀

Second day i wake up as a greenie <3

U just love my GREENness dont you!

Day 3 of cny is my routine activity! hohoho!

4th Day eating session at piggy’s house. Newly renovated house and nice room!!!

And after the buffet and beer session.. lao mao and i hang out at the tatami room and lepak for the whole afternoon. *nyek nyek*

CNY is another wise chance for gatherings.. Because most of the ppl will be around in Kuching. I had an awesome primary school gathering at Ee How’s place.. I miss u guys…!!

Another happening day in February. Valentines Day. For all the couples.. romantic dinner, movie plans, holding hands and extra expensive bouquet.. For all the singles.. its time to hunt for one. For Gladys.. super bo hua coz its her birthday. The future BF will be extremely eng next time for celebration! hahahaha!

BTW.. since its ahDys birthday.. AhLost.AhNa.AhYien bought AhDys a bouquet for roses.. *muah muah*

And i dated her to go shopping for the whole afternoon! hohoho! YES. with that bouquet of flowers! *teeehehhe*

Fabulous February with lotsa birthdays and weddings as well!!

Happy Birthday to ahPy on the 2.2.2011

Happy Birthday to Papa on the 8.2.2011

Happy Wedding to Lynette on the 7.2.2011

Happy Wedding to SzeYing on the 9.2.2011

Oh Oh.. My birthday on the 26th February ok!!! TEEEEHEHEHE!

Anyway.. Its the beginning of My Rabbit Year! *wwweeeeeee*