Happy Little Girl!

Today imma happy little girl. Eat Eat Eat Eat Eat.. from morning eat til next morning. hoho! and its 2.21am now and i just finished two shao bao. hohoho. Extremely Guilty but Happy as well.

Eating Itinerary for Today. Woke up at 7am. Ate 3 pieces of mama home made “O kueh” aka yam cakes. Had almost 3/4 packet of potato chips for lunch and went out for lunch again with bun. This time i had half plate of roasted chicken rice. hohoho. For dinner i had a steamed bun and one green bean pastry. *oh nom nom nom* Wanted to buy “shao bao” aka “char siew pastry bun from HongKong Puff but its sold out already. Huhuhu. I was texting bun telling him i cant get the “shao bao”. insert a crying emoticon and continue munching my miserable steamed bun.

Just about i finished my miserable steamed bun.. Here comes the hero of the bao! Bun bought me 2 shao bao duno from where. Teeehehehe!!! Was super happy but my tummy is stuffed with miserable steamed bao di. huhuhu!

Watched movie as usual at my house until 9.30pm then we go to site and finished up some work. Went for supper again. hehehehe! Tabao-ed a packet of Chicken Rice and some BBQ chicken wings. *oh nom nom nom*

And when bun went home.. i looked at the “shao bao”. its feel with love. Feel so guilty i left it there.. so end up..
Hohoho. Should i sleep now? my Guilty level will increase triple if i tucked my head in ma pillow now. huhuhu *sniff sniff keren*