Hush Puppies are Fat!

Who say Hush Puppies are so SLIM?

OH.. thats the hush puppy we owes see around the town.. But guess what..? the real hush puppy i noe is so so so so FAT!

Look at her.. or hIm? hmm.. not sure.. just treat it unisex so we called them “IT”.. haha! This hush puppy belongs to my aunty.. and look how fat IT is.. *grin**

FAT rite? and its so clumsy.. and its so heavy.. once IT happen to jump on u.. haha.. cant imagine.. and the paw is as big as my Dupy.. Huhuhuhu!!!

I still prefer little maltese, Shih Tzu or any so.. hehee! small one easier ma.. and curi curi bring IT out oso.. hehehe!