I am Doubled-tagged! -The Love Tag-

Updated : Hoi HOI ppl! i might change my points here as a lot of people has misunderstood that i m hinting someone.. NO la hor!! i m NOT refering to anyone.. its Just some Basic points which i believe all girls will want their ideal lover to be.. so.. in order to prevent misunderstandings.. i change lor..


i am tagged by my Bro and my beloved Lao mao but.. lucky enough for me.. its the SAME tag so i only need to do one.. Hohohoho!

So this time is a love tag.. There are a few instruction so i will just copy and paste la hor..


1. The tagged victims have to come up with eight different points of his/her perfect lover.

2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.

3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.

4. If you are tagged the second time, there’s no need to do this AGAIN.

5. Lastly, most importantly, HAVE. FUN. DOING. IT

Ok.. means i have to come out with 8 points of a perfect lover? Hmm.. What i can say is.. i will make it like more towards.. Ideal Lover?? Cause its hard to find a PERFECT lover.. so as long as it fulfilled what the qualities which you are in mind of.. i think that will work edi. ^^ 

So.. waved away all those qualities like caring.. must love me.. trust..honest and so on.. those are just common ones which everyone is looking for right?? and also what a lover shud have lah.. Ok la.. cut the crap.. lets move on the 8 points of my IDEAL lover.. its just an IDEAL one ya.. it doesnt means that my future bf will have those.. but just my IDEAL one. *nyek nyek nyek* Of coz.. its also the qualities in guys which i m looking for lah. =.=”


My 8 points for an IDEAL LOVER

Mature & Understanding

Well, i guess this one is a common one.. However, for me, mature and understanding should be always together.. what i mean is.. theres a lot of people who are mature but they are not understanding. Understanding is basically the most important thing to maintain a relationship.. and of coz.. understanding comes along with communication. =) as equally important!

Change : Sincere and ROmantic

Must be Romantic.. and remmeber all the dates of urs..! Must know how to send me red roses! can? haha


For me, appearance doesnt really important, but of coz.. he must look pleasant la.. as i mean not really important means dont really need to look very handsome but of coz.. please don look like a pervert or anything weird la hor.. I agreed that sometimes appearance determine the first impression, whether or not people will want to approach you but still.. appearance doesnt determine an ideal lover. WHat is important is the charm you got from him. WHen you know the person, it is the personalities and the way he deal with things which determine his charm. Inner charm i suppose? Even though a guy is not as handsome as brad pit, he can still be as attractive as a handsome man! It is A sincere heart he gave and his own way of thinking that counts. *aiya.. i duno how to describe in words la… *

Change : As long as i like.. Preferably someone like Raymond Lam from tvb ! i like him ok?! haha

Older than me?

Yup.. I remember my mum used to tell me “Yien, next time if u wanna find a bf, find a guy who is older than you.. 6 years is a perfect gap! *because mummy and daddy got a 6 years gap* hahahaha!!!!!!!! Well, last time for me, i was like… “HA?? one year knot meh? 6 years will it be tooo big? i mean the gap” But now.. i understand, Indeed, older man tends to be more mature and stable, as in his thinking and financial.. When a man is exposed to a working society and being able to cope with it, he can really handle it!!! hahaha! my theory! *grin* Anyway.. NOT TOO OLD la of coz.. 8 years GAP is my MAXIMUM!! 

Not too skinny

I doesnt mean skinny is not good. just that i prefer man with meat! hahaha!!! Man with meat means a bit meaty but not fat.. so its feel better when i hug him ma.. and of coz… i m not falling under the “slim” category so skinny man would definately makes me look fat! hahaha!.. i don wann..

Change : Fitting one oso can lah!

Religion Wise

Hmm.. i would prefer to have a same religion and same belief so that it wont have much conflict when we are together. Conflict as in the perspective wise. =)


Everyone knows the meaning of independent i assume. Apart from that, independent also means not to sticky. I prefer also to have my time with my family, my friends, or even my own time alone rather than just 24 hours with him.. Everyone needs privacy right? However, Independent doesnt means that he is always on his own.. i need someone who can mingle around with my friends as well.. 

Non Smokers

Its clear. Its bad for his health and i dont wan him to live life short and left me behind right?

Change : Smoke la smoke la.. cin cai lah!

Talk to me & Observant 

As i said earlier, communication is very important. It is very important to share your feelings and problems. SO, my ideal lover must be a guy who can talk to me about his problems. I will be a good listener i promise? ^^ I tell you, if a guy is willing to talk to the gf, it means so much to a girl because it means that she is the one he can trust and he feels comfortable sharing with her.. AINT IT IMPORTANT? Observant as in.. he can be sweet and observe tiny things of urs. Sometimes, being able to just remember her things or do some tiny tiny things will means a lot for a girl. it is significant. Just as simple as that. Preparations for special events are ADDED ADVANTAGES! hahahaa!.. 

Okay.. finish my crap.. haha! say so much but sometimes when feeling comes.. it just happened! haha!! iTS HARD to say so just let God decides! =)

Now, its only left with the FUN part.. lets see who’s my victims for this tag! My 8 lucky sweethearts!

1. Gordon a.k.a WOmbok – Tim don wan me to tag him so you tag la hor.. hehehe! U still owe me one tag wor! I m spying on ur blog everyday hor!

2. Johnston a.k.a JF– muahaha! rose has done my tag previously so now its ur turn!! make ur expired blog alive with this tag hor.. muahaha

3. Steve – hahaha! first tag of urs must come from me! hahaha

4. Bryan Hoo– hahaha! weeeeii.. hope ur place is not flooded anymore so u can do my tag! hehe

5. Simonso– Busy man!!! do it when you are free..i noe you got a lot of events on hand.. hehe.. See.. i m so kind to you hor.. *grin*

6. Waiseng– Don pretend u din see it wor.. hahaha!! hows ur alcohol practice? do the tag after u drinK?? ^^

7. Eve– wuakakaka!! first time tagging u.. must do wor.. i will check *evil grin*

8. Sharon Chong– You are so unlucky I just read your blog so i remembered u! hahaha!! 

– happy tagging people –


p.s : ahlost.. mana pergi u.. so long din see u in meetoto.. no one dance with me eh. *sobx*