I think i am aging…

Oh no.. i think i am aging.. There are a few signs of aging, how many have you hit : 

1. You start a story with ” when i was in school ” and realize that was like 10 years ago

2. Gathering with your school mates and most of them are either married or even parents

3. You’ve gone to a bar and left because it was too loud

4. You’d rather pay more for a comfortable hotel room than squuezing in a hostel

5. There’s an increasing number of singers and artists you’ve never heard of

6. You realised you parents were your age when they had you and you start to get worried

7. Weekend nights : you started to reject all the parties and rather stayed at home for dramas

8. You started to wonder how the youngest can party whole night long

9. You have at least 10 wedding invitations from your friends in a year

10. You started to yawn and headed to bed latest by 12am

Oh No.. i think i have all the above…. Huhuhuhuhu! During weekends of even holidays.. i prefer staying at home watching dramas with him rather than going out loitering or yam cha

20130801_215754Oh… bun is camera shy.. so.. wont see his face in my bloggie nah 

20130708_013813Enjoy watching him sleeping and surf the net even during a holiday rather than going out for some outdoor activities or shopping.

20130808_150339_mr1375949051400Spending the whole raya at home. Slacking like a pig, rolling with bun and keren

20130718_085616_mr1376671083343I used to love running around… meeting different people doing different thing. I swear last time that sitting in an office is killing me, definitely not my cup of tea.. but somehow rather.. i think it wasnt that bad at all.


20130525_183921Prefer cooking and baking at home…

20130804_134020Even if eat out.. it will be with bun. Love talking about everything down the sky when we were waiting for food. 🙂

20130816_164853Even if i am hungry after 9pm.. I rather starve til faint or cook a bowl of instant noodle to fill my tummy. Going out at night isnt my thing anymore… No need to even mentioned parties at night.. *screammmmm*

20130727_183454_mr1376675350793How many points have you hit? Kekekekeke! i know its about the same nah.. *grin*