I’m TAGGED!! super long tag can!!!

Ok.. Happie Raya people.. First day of Raya and I m tagged! hahaha! TAGGED BY MY BELOVED BROTHER! Ok.. so here.. in a nice and cheerful holiday of mine.. i m staying at home and doing my tag.. *nyek nyek* So what is the tag about that makes it so freaking long?? YES!! ITS AN ALPHABET TAG!! at least 26 pictures can. =) 

Some pictures i got it from Facebook, their blogs and some of it i digged it out from my folders.. hehe! so here is comes… 


A for Adrian a.k.a Ah Leng

1) Do you love this person?  Oh.. i super like him as one of my good friends. =) 

2) Is this person your enemy?  Never be. He is one of my good friends remember? hehe!

3) Would you kiss this person?  HAHA.. what do you think le??!!! *blueks*

B for Bryan

1) What do you really think of this person?  He look younger than his age.. and.. he is pro in sushi do!! haha!

2) What’s his/her favourite colour? eeeee.. Green? he wanna protect the earth le.. =D

3) Ever danced with them?  Not yet.. haha.. when bryan?!!
C for Chia Mian

1) Do you have a crush on this person?  Hehe.. I m super STRAIGHT hor..

2) How old is she/he? Hmm.. 1984.. makes her.. 24?   


D for Debbie

1) How long have you known him/her? Hmm.. since primary 6.. 9 years!!!!

2) Biggest regret?  I dint get to send her off before she is leaving to UK.. haihhh…

3) Do you hate this person? I like her extremely hor. =)


E for Evelyn

1) Have you met his/her parents?  Hoho.. haven yet..

2) Worst things about this person?  She seldom come back to Kuching.. sobx!

3) Best thing about this person?  SHe always carry a very sweet smile.. everyone loves her!


F for Fabiola

1) Have you ever dated this person?  hahaha.. date her? we always do..

2) When is the next time you will see him/her?  I see her almost everyday at Uni.. she is my coursemate!!

3) Do you go to school with them?  haha.. thought u she is my coursemate.. for 4 years di!!


G for Grace

1) Is he/she a good listener? I think she is.. but she always like to bully me.. and vice versa lah..HoHoho! *blueks*

2) Have you ever lied to make this person feel better?  Not neccessary at all!!

3) Is this person good looking? Of coz!! look how cute she is!


H for Hello Kitty a.k.a Lao Mao

1) What grade are they in? Diploma. She is doing sth she loves so much!!

2) Is he/she your friend? Of course! One of my sistas!!

3) Ever done something illegal with this person? hahaha! haven YET.. hmm.. kia lao mao! 


I for Irving

1) What is this person’s favourite food?  Hmm.. as long as its food??

2) How did you meet this person?  He is in the same school bus with me when we are in form 1.. ^^

3) Do you trust him/her?  I still trust u lahhhh!
J for Jessie a.k.a Siew Ching
1) Do they have any siblings?  Got of coz!!            

2) Do you know their favourite song?  SHe got tonnes of favourite songs..

3) What would you do if they confessed they liked you? hahaha! she always love me one lah!! 
K for Kai
1) How old were you when you first met?  When i m 18 and he is 19. *wuahaha*.. when we are still in Foundation   
2) How did you meet?  He sit behind us in Foundation Maths class.. and he is always a best friend of mine since then til now…!!   

3) Ever danced with this person?  OMG kai!! we never ever dance before after so many times of Proms!!! how cannn! 

L for Lestari
1) What would you do if you had a crush on this person?  I would gonna hide from Ian.. Ian is going to Kill me then! hahaha! excuse me.. i m STRAIGHT as a ruler can?   
 2) Do you like him/her as a friend?  Of coz! i LOVE her as friend ok..    

3) Would you go to Disney World with this person?  hehe! Of coz.. and i will ask her to catch some winnie the poohs for me.. *nyek nyek*


M for Mao Yuan
1) Is this person older than you?  Same age..            

2) Is this person single?  Haha.. he say he is.. but i definitely don think so! *blueks*

3) How many times do you talk to them in a week?  We surely spent some time to gossip in library before we start doing our homework!! isnt it rite? haha!
N for Nana
1) Is this person your boyfriend/girlfriend?  haha.. nope!! she is my darling instead!            

2) Have you seen this person cry?  No wor.. i hope she never be sad..

3) Do you know this person’s middle name? Of coz.. but we like to call her ching ching instead.. *hiak*
O for Onineko
1) Are you related?  Related as in? Oh.. we are senior and junior
2) Could you live with this person?  Lets try, kim!
3) What school do they go to?  Swinburne University.. she is my junior bah!
P for Pik Qii a.k.a Hui Sze
1) Have you ever been to the mall with this person?  Are u kidding.. we went shopping at least once a week!
2) How about a sleepover with them?  At Damai.. long long long time ago..
3) Does this person have a job?  Oh.. of coz she has.. she worked multi task in a company with stingy boss!
Q for Quelester 
1) Does this person drink alcohol?  haha.. did you did you?            

2) Have you seen this person dance?  Certainly..! in the middle of the dance floor during prom..!

3) Who does he/she “like “?  100% her Hubby!


R for Rose a.k.a ahlost
1) Have you heard this person sing?  No.. she always refused to sing in Meetoto! hahaha            

2) Do you think this person will repost this?  I will force her to!! muahahaha!! 

3) When does this person look best?  Anytime and Always!


S for Simon
1) Is this person taller than you?  yeah!! way taller.. he is 180cm plus plus plus plus!            

2) Do you enjoy spending time with him/her?  EVery second!! especially he is at the pinkish stage! haha! *u noe wad i mean la hor*

3) Do they live close to you?  OH.. need to use plane lah.. how near can i be? 


T for Tim & Ting
1) Would you do anything for him/her?  Of coz.. i will take his DSLR for him.. *grin*            

2) Have you been to his/her house?  No no no no..

3) Where does he/she live?  DOgan road?? i know its somewhere near my hus!


U for Ultra nana a.k.a Annnnnnna
1) Why are you friends with him/her?  Because she is extremely cute…! and she loves banana so much as well!

2) Have you ever gone anywhere with them?  Haha.. yup yup yup.. and more to come!            

3) What is one thing you would change about them?  Nothing… I just love her character!


V for Vash
1) Does she have a crush on you?  hahahah! would u Vash? haha.. he is my foster bro since we are young can!            

2) Would you hug this person? Anytime!

3) Is this person your friend?  Oh.. multi character i shud say, he is my foster bro, my ex classmate and my super loving friend!


W for Wombok a.ka. Gordon
1) Is this person loud or quiet?  Hmm.. depends lor.. both he can be..            

2) Describe this person: He is a lawyer who can sing very well.. clear enuf? 

3) What colour eyes does this person have? Oops.. let me see…. black?????????


X for Xin Yi
1) Does this person has a baby?  SHe is not ready yet.. *nyek*            

2) What if this person gives her baby to you?  I told u she has NO baby!! *arrghhh*

3) Do you think this person should start a blog?  She already has.. but din update lah!! *sobx*


Y for Yih Tyng
1) Does this person wear make-up?  Hmm.. seldom lor..

2) Does this person play any instruments?  Piano.. hmm.. she can play most of it lah.. *miss her*            

3) What is their favourite sport?  hehehe! shoppingg??! Taiwan must have too much things to shop until she dint come back to see me…. *cry*


Z for Zialun a.k.a MY brother!
1) Does this person have MSN?  He is MSN-ing beside me now..

2) Have you ever made out with this person?  He is my brother KANDUNGAN can..             

3) When will you see this person next?  Everyday until he finished his holiday and went back to KL!


FINALLLYY DONEEE!! woootsss!! hahahah!! unoe i spent whole night doing it? hahahah! yeah!! Now.. its time to TAG ppl.. *nyek nyek nyek*..My bro tag 5 ppl.. and i m going to tag 10!!!! hahahahaha!! 

See whose the LUCKY one!!!

1) BryanHoo ( Must do arr.. after the tag we challenge again in Sushi DO! haha )

2) Lao Mao ( Of coz u are in my top list lah.. )

3) Ah Lost ( When u are tired of ur workload.. go and do little by little a day! hehe)

4) SimonSo ( hahaha.. this will definitely be the LONGEST post in ur entire blog!! I will remind u every second to do it! haha)

5) Annna ( FOrgo some meetoto time and do the tag.. *hiak hiak haik)

6) Gordon ( hahahahaha!!! wont forget u geh)

7) Waiseng ( Altho u not in my W alphabet.. but i wont forget u!! hehe! don be lazy arrr.. *blueks*)

8 ) Ah Paul ( U finally got something to post lah.. so good hor me.. hehehe)

9 ) Jimmy ( Do it!!!! don pretend u dint see ar.. hahaha)

10) Sandra (hahhaa.. sandra u r so unlucky i saw ur name in a sudden! hOhoho!! )

Muahahaha!! i will check time by time wor.. *lalalalalalala* 

To some of the friends i din mention in my alphabet tag.. coz i either knot find ur pics or ur name is in the very popular alphabet! hehehehe!!! but i still loves u!! *hugs*