When life give you lemon, made lemonade. Really? You aint treating me well these past few months. They have been the gloomiest few months that I am hanging on. Work interfering, sabotaging, dealing with perpetrators is something inevitable now. It used to be a serenity for me, spending almost half of my daily time here with beautiful people surrounded. But good things never last, bad things never dies. Its gone.

For those who have the practice to create issues during work, please remember that you will always be perceived as someone immature and unlikable. No matter how you strive in a negative way, you will never achieve a standard for your own. 

I personally value working environment more than everything because the best creative work is never done when one is unhappy. If you don’t feel right anymore, leave. Its never worth your time if you are unhappy. I sometimes look back to my remedies, why isn’t it working anymore? I am a wanderlust, someone who adored freedom as much as you treasure your fanatic addiction. Being able to fly and see the world always make me happier, to be able to explore give me gratitude,knowing little bit more about the world and little bit less about myself. 


Staring at this beautiful scenery of Yokohama, a small town i visited last February. Magnificent and majestic. I remember when I visited this peaceful small town in Japan, you have basically limited things to do but instead, you learn how they live their daily life, do what the locals do, understand their culture and it will bring your journey to a more fruitful and meaningful extent. This is how I magnified the beauty of travel and narrowed down the little negative issues in my life, or I say work. I want to let loose myself at some foreign land soon. Or maybe I should try to do something I like instead of following protocols in life. You know, you only live once so make sure you spend it worthwhile. 

I guess I haven’t travel for a few months and it makes my head dizzy, drain my soul and freeze my inspiration. HAHAHAHAHA! OMG I AM SO UNHAPPY AND STRESS OUT THIS MONTH! Just let me whine a bit here can?!!