Mingle with Digi : Blackberry Official Launching

This afternoon.. i was tag along by my dar to the Digi Invitation of BlackBerry Official Launching in Kuching. Its a private event somehow because they only invite the enterprise business partner or sth near to that.. and.. i m tag along. hiak hiak!! i feel so young inside!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! u know wad i mean…!

Its held at Senso, Hilton. I can see lotsa goodie bags!! Hiak Hiak*

Its suppose to start at 2.30pm.. we went there around 2.20pm but most of the Big Tauke is not there yet so… camwhore a while better than nth to do ma..

My super lucky Dar..

and a not so lucky but like to camwhore de ahyien

He say my belt look like the bottled cola cap. ish!

Anyway.. Senso served pretty nice Nachos and high tea…!

and of coz.. tonnes of free flow beers! *nyek nyek*

*slurps slurps*

nice hor the assorted beans..

When most of the guests arrive.. they started quickly by telling us some history of DiGi and the latest service DiGi is offering.. of coz..

not forgetting the BlackBerry…! The Attraction of the day is Blackberry Bold 9000.. and a lil bit of Blackberry Curve 8900.

The talk finish around less than one hour.. very fast… and refreshments is served. We will have to wait for another one and a half hour if we wanted to wait for the result of the lucky draw..

The prizes of the Lucky Draw is a BLACKBERRY CURVE 8900… AND the latest model of BLACKBERRY BOLD 9000. Everyone is waiting their ass off for the Blackberry Bold 9000.

Mingle session.. its when u can meet and mingle with a lot of big boss in different fields.. and of coz.. exchanged lotsa name card.

LUCKY DRAW SESSION…. Blackberry curve 8900 sadly go to an elderly man…!!! BUT guess what??

The Second lucky draw’s owner is 016-231 XX81.. when he read the handphone number…

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEEE WHO IS THAT SUPER LUCKY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How can u be so so so so lucky…??!! 2 person out of 100.. and u r one of the 2!!!!!

HUHUHUHUHU!!!! i bet tonight when he sleep oso will dream of it weii!

I oso wan neh….!!!! T.T

can i steall….? *hiak hiak hiak*

Haih.. nvm la.. think of the bright side.. i still have the goodie bag wei..

a very nice wooden box of luxurious PEN! hahahaha! although its kinda useless to me. T.T