My Travel wishlist!

Over the years including some repetitive travel destinations, I’ve been to 15 countries and 41 cities. However, there’s still places that I really wanted to go but there are a lot of factors that delay the plan. I think for the next few years I am so going to not repeat travelling to places that I’ve been to. Especially — Taiwan and Japan. But well, I guess these two countries are just unavoidable, right? 

So here’s my 8 top travel list. Kind of like my wishlist, I have longed to go but somehow, it just haven happen yet. Some, are not safe. some are too far. some are too expensive. some requires a lot of days.. Hmmmm! Sort it out one by one then. 

1. Prague, Czech Republic. The city of romance, at least for me it is. I love Prague. I have no idea but I personally love places with a lil bit of historical classic feel. It is not too busy, not to rural, its just nice, quiet and sentimental. Definitely in my top list.


2. The Colosseum in Rome. I fancied this place since I was 16 years old when our history teacher in high school talked about the history of Rome and Colosseum definitely caught my attention. Ever since then, I have this unique urge of going to see the real Colosseum one day in my life!  


3. Orca in Seaworld San Diego. I am a marine animal freak. I love marine animals. I get mesmerised by great whites, whales, orcas and all these mammals. This is a love hate feeling for them, as much as I hate to see them in captivity but.. where else can i see orca! Unless in the wild I don’t mind too. My greatest fear is the great whites, I studied them, i read a lot of articles about great whites but Orcas definitely is my favourite predators in the sea. And not to say, the most intelligent one. If one day I’m in the sea and I met an orca, i’ll die definitely. Hahaha!


4. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Japan. The largest aquarium in Asia. With their signature the whale shark in captivity. Again, I do not agree mammals in captivity. But I would really want to go there.


5. Furano Lavender Farm, Sapporo Japan.  So every year during the month of July, the lavender blossoms. Need not me to remind you just how beautiful it is.


6. Halong Bay at Hanoi Vietnam. One of the things that attractive my attention during the history class. I’m glad I’ve been there and i definitely enjoy my overnight cruise there!


7. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum at Phnom Penh. This is the cruellest thing that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Its a history about the own people interrogating their own, killing almost 1/3 of the population in just several years. You can feel the sorrow and the pain even when  you stepped in the museum. Until today, I do not have the courage to write about that place. Very heavy heart.


8. Ganges River at Varanasi India. A lot of people are curious, why would I wanted to go to India so much. For the corpse floating at the Ganges River? Yes. I love historical place, I love places with stories. Ganges river is most probably the only place in the world that you can see they deposing corpse in the river like nothing happen. Not only for the corpse, it will be an eye opener for you to take a different perception of this world, allow you to see your live in a different way. Appreciate things more. 

Holy men, pregnant women and children are not burned on the Ghats, they are simply thrown into the Ganges


A lot of people love travelling in a big cities, great monuments, shopping spree. I love those too, but my favourite are still places that can help elevated my inner spirit. I love sentimental explorations. I love to explore things that are different. So, what’s you favourite place to travel?