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Sometimes its not always good to be positive all the time. Shits happened all the time, most of us will just try to ignore it and persuade ourselves to get back to the intended situation. It moves on for a lot of people, for a very long period of time.

But suddenly when you have too many things that disappoint you over time, and yet you still keep covering it by thinking it in a positive way.. i dont know about you. But sometimes i felt tired for just being too positive all the time..

How about accepting the fact and change everything? Everything as in like all the routine daily things, your lifestyle, your friends, the way you live.. Once you change it, it might not be able to come back to the previous. How many of you actually dare to take the challenge? Dare to let go of all commitments and all well-planned live of yours? Not many. I am one of the many many of you.

I dislike commitments. It holds me back. Not only  me, but almost every normal human beings in the world. I feel bad. Bad for being so unreasonably doing some mistakes. I feel confuse.. as in what should i do to fix things up. Just if time can be reversed.. okay. bullshit. 🙂

If there’s one day. In the future. or even in a very impossible way.. that we can travel around the world. Spending time in months, to stay with their culture, to experience all the different lifestyles in the world.. Put down everything to feel and appreciate the world.

Knowing a little bit more about the world and knowing a little bit less about myself.

Sometimes when you need friends the most, they are always busy. Giving petty reasons to reject you. Even if you have said out, some will just say i am busy. This is when you know who know you the best. You don have to say much. Just hint that you need a companion and she is all for you. Touched.

Thank You Debbie. *many love*