October is Challenging

Hello October.. As i said, please be awesome!

October for me is challenging..

It might be hard to go through, it might get on a lot of nerves, it might be sudden pop-up situation. However, i believe everything can be settled in this world. We are all separated individuals, we have our own life, we have our own ambition, we know what we want, we know what will be good for us. Sometimes, we aimed for things which seems impossible but i believe as long as you have the faith, you can live your own life.

At times we felt lost, at times we are uncertain, at times, we are burried in a anonymous hole which covers everything that can make us think. Yes we are human, we have feelings, we worried, we cared, we loved, we hated. Happiness is something abstract, its not for someone to understand for you, its not for someone to tell you what to do, its not for someone to force you to feel. You will feel it once it comes to you. Only you.

Stop lying to yourselves. Stop living for others. The world is beautiful out there. Good things need to go through a lot of hardship, need to face a lot of backstabbing and need to accept a lot of scoldings and blames from others, but guess what, if you are strong enough to overcome all those, beautiful and strong endings will be waiting in the end. And i will be waiting for that. A positive mind helps to keep others and yourself happy and stress free. So, makes the world beautiful please.

I wont give up, do not ever give up. I believed every thunder storm, there will be a beautiful rainbow ahead, especially for the sincere hearted one.