People you hate in the Cinema

Theres always some people in this world who love to spoil your movie time in a Cinema. I personally had around 4 kinds of people whom i hate a lot in a cinema. From the mild one to the ultimate hate. Hahahaha!

1. Came in late and walk like an elephant [ very hate ]


Few years back when Star Cineplex is the kinda only one cinema in Kuching… Me and a bunch of my girl friends always catch a movie there.. and a lot of times… there will be some uncivilized teenagers came in late and walked down the hallway like an elephant.. its like earthquake. My gosh.. and wandering around the cinema choosing which seat to sit.. discussing with friends where they want to sit.. its like.. Hello?? your gigantic body and elephant footsteps irritates a lot of people ok?

2. Shaking or Kicking your seat from Behind.. [ ultimate hate ]


I am sure a lot of people encounter this.. come on la.. wanna shake leg go home shake la.. dont you feel like chopping off their legs… if you ask them to stop they stopped, then still ok. I’ve once encountered two ahlian ( fashionable wanna be but dress up in cheapo and ugly dress with messy half yellow half black hair those ) whom we ask them to stop but keep shaking throughout the movie… in the end.. have to slap them on the face only know how to tear la ok!

3. Crying Babies [ impatiently hate to my lungs ]


Whether is in a plane or in a cinema.. the last you want is to sit near a crying baby. Worst if crying babies+ignorant parents. You know right?

4. Keep Asking Loudly None Stop [ Ultimate Super Killing Hate ]


This is a recent story. Went to watch a horror movie with a bunch of friends. Wanted to watch for like so so so so long already and finally watched. Overjoyed. But.. the movie almost got spoiled by a dumb blonde ahlian but luckily i was brave enough to fight back. Hahahahaha! The story came like this… this dumb blonde.. the reason why i initial her as dumb blonde is because her hair is blonde and she is super ultimately irritating.. luckily my mood is kinda ok that day.. teenager around 18 19 i guess. DAMN!!! shud have took a photo of her!! DAMNN! 

The story went like this.. she is afraid of the storyline.. and she constantly covered her eyes throughout the movie. NVM.. don dare to see nevermind.. but she keep asking the bf.. what happen.. now what happen.. now le now le now le? now what happen liao… NVM… u asking your bf nvm… BUT DONT ASK SOOOO LOUD LAA in hokkien somemore.. and even the trailer of other movie also ask.. and hor.. not only that.. she what also comment.. the house in the movie old she also wanna ask the bf: ” why they wanna stay in the old house ha? the house very old ho? and continue..” the actor walked down to the basement… then she ask :” he walked down to the basement ha? why he walked down to the basement? he no scare one meh?” DUHHHH!!!! watch la… why ask so much.. GAHHHHH! even the little girl cook pancake also she want to ask. “she cook pancake ha? why angmoh kids like to eat pancake? why she cook herself? no scare fire meh?”  MY GOSHHHH!!!!!!!!  and when the not so scary part.. she already covered her eyes.. the ghost kinda pull the kid’s leg ma.. then she covered her eyes.. and ask constantly and loudly  still got pull or not? still got pulll or not? repeated for at least 10 times and the bf answered 10 times.:WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i almost wanna kill her….! ALMOST!!! dont watch movie la… go home watch download one laDIU DIU DIU DIU DIU

Man Expressing Road Rage

In order to not let her spoil my movie.. i purposely SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH very loud and long…. she dint hear it… i SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH louder and longer again and LOOKED at her for 5 seconds… then she still keep asking. i think she live in her own world.. but luckily the good bf.. i said he is a good bf bcoz if i were him, i would have kill the dumb blonde. hahahaha.. ok.. the good bf ask her to lower her voice because got ppl shhhh already. she lower her voice but still shhh.. my gosh. Kelien the bf. I thought she don understand english because she is asking EVERY SENTENCE in hokkien.. but then.. can see subtitle one ma. DIUUU!!! 

ok.. i feel better di.. maybe next time i just tabao some smelly thousand years sockings to standby.. so this is my ultimate hate about dumb people especially dumb ahlian. Whats yours?