Please Help to Look For Stone Breaker

Stone Breaker, a 3.5 years ago Golden Retriever Dog was lost on the 08.03.12 at Jalan Ong Tiang Swee, Kuching. Stone Stone has Black meat lump on both left and right eye (as shown in picture) as well as on chin.

If you have information or have found him, PLEASE contact me STEVE 016 231 3281 or Myself 016 850 5353

Stone Stone. I miss you already. Please please please be home safe.

I remembered when i first saw u at the pet shop near Banquet 4 years ago. Exactly on the 6th August 2009. Stevo said you are cute and you are love at first sight to him. We decided to get you. When i first hug you. I was so excited. You are so chubby.. So quiet and so obedient.

I watched you grow. From the little cute chubby puppy to a half grown handsome Golden Retriever. You are always snatching for food. Tam Jiak. hehehe! And when u grow bigger, you start to get naughty and bully Heipi. I am sure Heipi miss you a lot a lot. Dont let him keep waiting. Please be home safe. Please Please. I pray to GOD you are safe home as soon ok Stone. Everyone misses you. Come home.

For those who saw any Golden Retriever at the roadside or you happened to see identical Golden Retriever like Stone Stone. Please do not hesitate to call me. Please, just a simple phone call. High Rewards will be given if Stone is found. Thank You so Much. PLease do help to circulate this information. love you to bits