Guess wad.. i missed my breakfast again!! haha!! where is my pancake?!!! huhuhu!! no ma.. punteng wana do it on monday but bcoz mummy bake chicken pie so we all have chicken pie for monday’s morning.. tuesday? tuesday i feel like eating mee goreng ma.. so delay lo.. sowee nah pancake.. and wednesday.. which is today.. i don have class to teach on the morning and afternoon so i sleep until i song and wake up at 3am.. hahahah!!!!!!

Today is a very very messy day.. i have to clean so much of my things.. Argh.. don wan mentioned liao.. sobx! And i locked myself in the carpark!! arrrgh!!!!!!! i wanted to go out but i lock myself at the carpark.. i could drive away as well because the gate is locked!! i knot go in.. i knot go out.. arggh!! and lastly.. i have to climb my gate.. so pai sei ar!! the “grandma” opposite my house and beside my house are like looking at me.. when i half way climbing!!! argh!! duno when they just pop out.. so i jumped down my gate and i fall down.. *sobxx* so soi.. and of coz.. i run to my back door. and i climb the gate in again.. luckily this time no ppl see me.. haha!!

Now.. heres the thing.. i need to open the back gate.. oopss!! should’nt write down how hard i try if not ppl would just use the same method and go in my hus! hahah! well.. in the process.. dupy which is IN the house is like looking at me who is OUTSIDE the house.. eeiks!! dupy!!! next time i wanna train u get key liao! haiz! but anyway.. i manage to get in after 35 minutes. sobx! Ok… now.. rush to clean my things and i drive to the laundry.. where i wanted to go at first.. haha! so why am i going to laundry anyway!! weehehe! tell u later at the end of my postings. *winks*

Okie.. after finish all my messy stuff.. its like 5pm oledi.. i have my breakfast+lunch+dinner together!! haha!! and i am having salad vege and my favourite mummy’s special sauce pork with rice! *weehehe*

See!! yummy!!!!!

Tonight i am having a class.. Form 4 and Form 5 modern maths.. i have 7 students in my class.. one Form 4, 5 Form 5 and 1 Form 5 add maths.  hahaha! well.. I marked a lot of things today.. what i can say is.. the time pass fast! *lala* happie for me!

Here’s some random pics i took to kill my boredomm… ^^

Yes.. first thing first!! Online and gossip with my bro.. haha! that blink blink thing is my mouse.. obviously =.=”

LOook who is here with me!!! I love BiBi!!!!

OKay.. back to the previous thing… Why did i go to the laundry?!! hahaha!!



I bring PUPU to dry cleaning!!!! hahahaha!!

See.. one toy! haha!! Pupu is a soft toy la hor.. and it cost me RM 8 for her *winks*

OOpsss.. btw.. who is Pupu?!!!

Well.. she is one of my sweetie toy soft from daddy few years back! *muaccks*

Here she is..

The Big Enormous pinky one! pupu!!! i missed u oledi here.. I cant sleep without u in my bed la. *sobx*

Anyway.. PuPu will come back clean clean in 2 days time! *cant wait*